Saturday, January 23, 2010

JUST UP!! elekwent is gettin' it in this year....

OUR MISSION: To make you dance and have fun; perpetuate love, inspiration, confidence, happiness; and instill a sense of wonder concerning our planet and the little things in life, that is unfortunately far too much subdued in this crazy fast paced age we live in.

Riding the wave of energy brought forth by “The Genesis” Elekwent knew the time had come for a group album. Fun was had, beats were made, rhymes were scribbled, and soon enough Folk Fest was born.

Those who liked the Genesis will love this free spirited, feel good, musical mosaic, guaranteed to getcha off your seat. “We are really influenced by early nineties hip-hop” says Slippery, “We choose to work in this style because that’s what inspires and moves us. Having said that, we don’t want our fans to get bored from hearing the same old same old so we try to keep it new and interesting.”

Folk Fest truly is a folk festival, where different cultures harmoniously collide in a vibrant melting pot of colour and life. The album is a celebration, an offering to music and to the world. It is a collection of young men experimenting with the English language, funk, jazz, and progressive rock, to propel them into the future. And what that future has in store for these youngsters…The Funk only knows.

So for any of those peepin this, what up! Just got into all this internet shit for the group so bare with me and it'll go alright. I never thought i'd be writing a blog but I also never thought most of what is going down would be going to so it all new yo...... we've been given a great oppertunity by the great Prince of Poetry so we, in 2010, are going FULL FORCE. get ready suckas....

peace, A-Ro

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